BOCO "Tears" Rating

When reading our recommendations for products or when on a product page, you will come across the concept for "Number of Tears" – this is our take of Yelps rating system for how expensive a restaurant is, but instead, how broke you'll be after buying the product... Buy Once, Cry Once. 

The scale is relative to the specific product category. For example, a pair of Ear Pros starting at $60 would be 1-Tears and the ready for war, take out a loan, get a divorce pair that costs $1,200 would be 5-Tears. This all subjective, so if you are rich and can afford to drop $1,200 on a pair, god bless. 

You can also sort on collection pages by number of Tears, this makes it easy for you to navigate your emotions. 

Everything we list is is legit and something we would use ourselves, own, or have purchase to replace something we bought and didn't BOCO. 

If you have suggestions on our ranking scale, please visit our contact us page. 

Buy Once, Cry Once.