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Sionics Weapon Systems AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - NP3

Sionics Weapon Systems AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - NP3

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The SIONICS NP3 Coated Bolt Carrier Group is a M16 style carrier machined to USGI (United States Government Issue) specifications. It includes a properly sized Mil-Spec gas key that is NP3 coated and heat treated. The gas key is secured to the carrier with OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws) and properly staked to prevent it from backing out. Each carrier includes a hand-installed gasket formed by aviation Permatex to the mating surfaces between the gas key and the carrier. This helps to decrease the risk of under gassing.

SIONICS bolts are manufactured from Carpenter 158® steel. Each bolt is HP/MPI (High Pressure / Magnetic Particle) tested and inspected. These shot peened bolts come equipped with a Sprinco Heavy Duty Extractor Spring and Black Spring Insert. In addition to the carrier, the bolt and cam pin have also been NP3 treated to enhance corrosion resistance and carbon buildup.

Here are some of the key features of the SIONICS M16 style carrier:

  • Machined to USGI specifications
  • NP3 coated gas key
  • OCKS screws
  • Staked gas key
  • Aviation Permatex gasket
  • Carpenter 158® steel bolt
  • HP/MPI tested bolt
  • Shot peened bolt
  • Sprinco Heavy Duty Extractor Spring
  • Black Spring Insert
  • NP3 treated bolt and cam pin

Prior to shipping, all SIONICS Bolt Carrier Groups are Test Fired for function. Because of the Test Firing Procedure, the Bolt Carrier Group could show handling marks consistent with these Quality Control Procedures.

Tooling Marks on SIONICS NP3 Coated Bolt Carrier Groups

Due to the inherent nature of NP3 coating, tooling marks may be present on the SIONICS NP3 Coated Bolt Carrier Groups. Tooling marks are cosmetic and have zero effect on function.

NP3 coating is a thin, impregnable coating that bonds to the host material. This makes it much less forgiving of tooling marks than other coatings, such as phosphate and nitride, which are thicker and darker.

Despite the presence of tooling marks, all SIONICS NP3 coated bolt carrier groups are backed by our lifetime warranty

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